This time we hear from Emalyn, our Personal Development tutor, with ideas and exercises to help us build our confidence. 
“I believe that it is essential in life to keep learning about yourself. That’s what personal development is – learning about your thoughts, values, beliefs and the goals you wish to achieve. 
"In one of my regular course sessions I look at confidence building. As humans we are all quick to judge, criticize, compare, compete and we have a ‘never enough’ mentality. We are always looking for more. This all contributes to us then lacking confidence and doubting ourselves. To help us with our confidence we need to remember our positive qualities, our strengths, our skills and abilities. 
"So, what are yours? Can you list five positive qualities that you have?  
Are you a good listener?  
"Your positive qualities are things you do every day for your kids, family, friends but you don’t recognise them as you just automatically do them. To help with your own confidence start to look at what you DO do! 
"Getting a handle on your own self confidence will help you feel better about the skills you have to offer in the workplace, and feel happier about stepping back into the world of work again." 
Meet Emalyn 
Hi, I’m Emalyn, the Personal Development Tutor for the Belfast Works LEMIS+ Project.  
My days in this role involve running personal development classes throughout Belfast and facilitating classes for individuals who are not working and looking to get back into employment. I meet lots of people who have a lack of belief in themselves. But through personal development, people start to believe in themselves again and start to increase their confidence and self-esteem which all helps towards getting back into employment. 
The topics I cover in my class are: Self-Talk, Self-Esteem, Coping with Stress, Dealing with Anxiety, Confidence Building, Assertiveness, Steps to Change and Maintaining Positivity. 
All these sessions deal with everyday things and learning how to manage problems in a healthy way. As humans we are drawn to negative coping mechanisms – avoidance, excess drinking, drugs, smoking, eating more or eating less. With personal development, individuals start to learn healthy coping mechanisms. 
I’ll be blogging regularly with different tips and exercises to help you deal with certain problems. Until next time! 
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