Finding out how to cope with what life throws your way - our Wellbeing for Work service has some of the answers.  
Have you ever wondered how other people seem to just cope with… well, life? You know, people who just seem to know what to do at every turn? 
The truth is that life, as we know it, doesn’t actually come that easy. Sure, some people make it look like a breeze, but in reality they just have better techniques for dealing with what life can throw their way
There are people who seem to be ‘naturals’ and have an inbuilt aptitude for dealing with challenges, but what they do isn’t one of the great mysteries of life, although it can seem that way. In truth, the techniques they use can be easily learnt. 
In the Wellbeing for Work service, that’s part of the Belfast Works LEMIS+ Project, we aim to teach people how to do this for themselves. 
The first thing to do is to develop a future vision, which is essentially identifying what you want to do. Part of this involves becoming really aware of your current situation and how it’s having an impact on where you want to be. This isn’t necessarily just the bits that are holding you back, but the strong bits that you can learn to maximise. 
At this stage, it can feel like you’re miles away from where you want to be, that it’s just so far away from the reality of your life at the minute that reaching it would be impossible. 
However, our trained coaches are experts in breaking down a vision of where you want to be into manageable, realistic goals that can be achieved from week to week. 
We look at the challenges and opportunities in different areas of life – physical health, emotional wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem, self-care, support networks, work/training aspirations and motivation - and work on them separately. 
This part is all about being able to identify the options that are available to you, then decide which is the best one for you and how to approach it. 
You’ll need support to start with – all of the little tricks and techniques to improve your wellbeing take some learning. But the end aim is that you’ll get to grips with approaching challenges, finding solutions and setting manageable goals for yourself. 
Everyone faces challenges, big and small, throughout their lives. The Wellbeing for Work service aims to give people the ability to see each challenge not as an unscalable mountain, but as a series of tiny rocks that can be dealt with individually. This means that whatever path you’re progressing down – whether it’s to work, volunteering or training – you will have a full toolkit of techniques to deal better with the obstacles everyone encounters on the road ahead. 
Hi, I’m Paula and I coordinate the Belfast Works LEMIS+ Wellbeing for Work service. 
The Wellbeing for Work service helps those who don’t feel able to work due to health and wellbeing issues. Our team of skilled coaches offers support and advice to help people overcome their barriers to working. Support packages are tailored to each individual’s needs and aim to increase resilience and help them explore how to move forward in life. 
My team and I are going to be blogging about the various techniques that we use to help people develop the coping skills necessary for life, so stay tuned! 
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