This Valentine’s Day, as well as buying that special something for your partner, why not invest in your wellbeing by treating yourself to a gift or setting aside some time without interruption and guilt? 
This time every year we are bombarded with messages for meals for two, heart shaped gifts and a focus on showing others how we feel about them. However, where’s the day in the year to celebrate self- acceptance? Why is focusing on the foundation of our wellbeing often considered in some way selfish? 
LEMIS+ Top Five Tips for Self-Love: 
Take time for yourself 
Learn when you need to say no to the requests of others 
Figure out what little things make you feel nurtured, relaxed and cared for and take time for these things 
Remember that you can't pour from an empty cup and the happier you are, the better you can be for others too 
Remember, you deserve to feel happy and loved and healthy. 
Valentine’s Day delivers an opportunity to consider the difference in how we treat others and how we see ourselves. Why do we use negative words when describing what makes us unique? Are we often more tolerant towards the behaviour of those around us? If we can show compassion to others, why do we find it difficult to apply this to ourselves? By taking a break on February 14th to audit how you care for yourself, you’ll be in a position to introduce some steps to grow your own self-love. By learning that ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, you can begin to identify that a better nurtured you will give the strengths, skills and resilience to care more for those around you. 
There are countless small introductions that can be brought into weekly routines to help remind us that we love ourselves. For some it might be a nice walk, a bubble bath, time with a book or a good chat with a friend. However, for others it may require some added support such as Counselling, Life Coaching or various therapies to help improve emotional and mental health. 
For many people; employment, volunteering and training are tools that can help develop and strengthen people’s self-love – giving independence, routine, self-worth and opportunities to socialise. This is where the LEMIS+ Project Wellbeing for Work service can help with teams of coaches across the city supporting people to build confidence and reduce fears. Part funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme 2014 – 2020 and the Department for the Economy, the free wellbeing service is open to any Belfast resident who is on DLA, ESA, PIP or Unemployed with no Benefits. 
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