Building confidence, reducing fears and moving people onto a more positive outlook. 

What is Wellbeing?  We specialise in Wellbeing Coaching that builds confidence, reduces fears and moves people onto trying new things such as employment, training or volunteering.  

How is this different from regular Life Coaching? 
Wellbeing can be defined as health, happiness and achievement but for each person it means something unique. 
By working on wellbeing, people can reach a place where they can better understand their potential, can cope with the life stresses, and is able to play a part in his or her community. 
As a population, more and more people are dealing with stress, bad health, low morale and self-doubt. However, what’s becoming more evident is the awareness around mental wellbeing and the benefits of support and guidance from professionals. That is where the role of Wellbeing Coaches can come into play: to motivate, inspire, encourage and help people to change their outlook on life. 
Using a Positive Outcomes Framework; our team of mentors work one-to-one with clients to explore areas such as Daily Routines, Food Relationships, Health & Fitness and Socialisation
With weekly support, our coaches are there to guide client to a place where they understand the barriers stopping them from living more positive lives. By setting realistic goals and introducing initiatives, clients can begin to look forward at what they wish to achieve. 
By skilfully listening, reflecting and supporting; our wellbeing coaches help clients look into the future and identify solutions to the present in order to reach their destination. 
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